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Enhanced due diligence

Creating new business partnerships with individuals or organizations without fully knowing their past and present business dealings can expose your organization to lawsuits and regulatory fines.We determin EDD based on a risk-based approach, to investigate particular clients more thoroughly – requiring significantly more evidence and detailed information about reputation and history to be collected

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What is KYC Enhanced Due Diligence?

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) is the KYC process of gathering data and information to verify the identity of clients, but with additional information required to mitigate the risk associated with the client

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When is this search required

Enhance Due Diligence is required where the customer and product/service combination is considered to be a greater risk. This higher level of due diligence is required to mitigate the increased risk. A high risk situation generally occurs where there is an increased opportunity from money laundering or terrorist financing through the service and product you are providing or your customer

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Effective third-party risk management

A scalable and holistic compliance platform providing the data you need to effectively manage third-parties.

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provides you with an integrated compliance platform to manage your third parties throughout their complete lifecycle.

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Quickly identify

if there is a risk posed by a third-party entity that could be milestones.


Accelerate the onboarding timeframe

for third parties using comprehensive, configurable questionnaires and automated alerts to ensure you never miss a milestone.


Immediately be alerted

when circumstances change with a partner through ongoing monitoring using our world-class solution.


Start accelerating your business

Through business intelligence and technology, we effectively manage risks to help you accelerate your business’s performance.

Subscription plans

Instead of ordering due diligence reports on an ad hoc basis, you can also purchase a points package and select an invoicing plan that best suits your budget. The points included in each package provide for a set number of due diligence reports which can be ordered when needed. Each package also includes bonus points and any points not used are carried over to the next subscription without penalty. Users therefore benefit from a significant volume discount as well as a streamlined ordering and invoicing process

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Our specialists

SA boasts one of the largest in-house EDD analyst teams in the market and our continental network comprises trusted professionals able to offer on-the-ground intelligence that takes into account the myriad implications of differing local environments and customs. This ensures that we can produce complete, consistent, high-quality output. Key staff are industry certified AML and anti-fraud specialists.

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What we are about

We are not a certified public accounting firm and do not provide audit, attest, or any other public accounting services. We are not a law firm and does not provide legal advice Know us better.

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Stodacom Africa will help vet a high-profile executive to locating criminal suspects to uncovering hidden assets or conducting private investigations in any African country

Reveal information and deeper insight missed when using background checks alone. Your only African partner

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