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Benefits of our intelligence

Our due diligence reports have ready-made scopes and fixed prices


Litigation database check

Checking court records is an important step in the research process as it can reveal risks that go unreported in media and compliance databases. We are committed to the most detailed and insightful reporting possible. This is supplemented by checks of court records, manual searches in courthouses and searches of other proprietary databases


Reputational intelligence

One of the most valuable insights into a company’s or individual’s business reputation comes from interviewing people who are in a position to have an informed opinion of the subject and the local business environment. These people could include local journalists, competitors, former employees, clients or government officials who regulate the industry


Questionnaire analysis

Collecting compliance questionnaires from third parties is an easy first step in the compliance process; however, thoroughly reviewing and analysing the questionnaire responses is the important next step required to make the questionnaire process a meaningful compliance exercise.


Our research methodology

Our analysts also cross-check findings against other sources, such as litigation databases, reputational intelligence, questionnaires and corporate registry information, to determine if there is any bias or any details have been censored, especially in jurisdictions where there is strong government censorship


Document reviews and interviews

Reviewing the subject company’s key policies and documentation and conducting interviews with its staff will provide a clear picture of the target company’s state of compliance. This can help assess the ‘tone from the top’ that is so critical to effective compliance practices. Our analysts will review the provided compliance documentation and measure it against global standards such as ISO 37001


Risk ratings and comparisons

A senior member of our Research & Ratings team, selected with regard to their country and industry expertise, as well as their local-language capability, will prepare a list of questions and conduct the interview

Process of search

We pysically search records with public office or authorised office for all records..

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How its done

Our our searches are based on onground searches.

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What we are about

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