Unless companies make sure they are trading responsibly, they risk funding serious abuses overseas.

The trade in natural resources can be an important source of development for many of the countries that need it most. However, when sourcing from a country struggling with conflict or instability, it is common sense to take extra care when doing business. Unless companies make sure they are trading responsibly, they risk funding serious abuses overseas.

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Are companies doing enough?

Good supplier relationships can provide a critical edge over competitors.

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African perspective.

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Effective due diligence

An effective due diligence programme allows a firm to make an informed decision about whether it is safe to proceed with a potential supplier.


Commodities focus

A good example is the commodities supply chain, which has exploded as global trade levels have grown, and chains become more complex


upping your DD efforts

The complexity of modern supply chains means many companies still have little idea what risks lurk within them


Way forward

companies must investigate suppliers more thoroughly before working with them

What we do

Since 2008, we have helped more than 200 companies complete extensive investigative work in Africa


Due Diligence

We complete all tier due due diligence work from level I to level III without use of third parties.



We complete all aspects of intelligence wether its for KYC,compliance,strayegic,security or political we are able to handle.


Background check

Stodacom Africa we have completed million of criminal record searches, civil record searches, address validation and ID verification in all African countries.


Criminal Record Searches

We cover national record from all crime indexes in any African countries our searches stretches to the district level.


Civil records searches

We complete these searches at all civil courts from as far as 10 years ago in any African country.


Identity Validation

We verify all kinds of identity from national IDs, Passport, Refugee ID, permanent resince ID and driver's licence in any African country.

Process of search

We pysically search records with public office or authorised office for all records..

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How its done

Our our searches are based on onground searches.

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What we are about

We are not a certified public accounting firm and do not provide audit, attest, or any other public accounting services. We are not a law firm and does not provide legal advice Know us better.

African firm

Stodacom Africa will help vet a high-profile executive to locating criminal suspects to uncovering hidden assets or conducting private investigations in any African country

Reveal information and deeper insight missed when using background checks alone. Your only African partner

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